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Update: snacks & drinks for games
by posted 05/18/2022

Hello again,


It looks like there wasn't a "reply all" option to my last email, so here's an update of who is bringing what for snacks/drinks.  Please let me know if you can fill an empty space in this schedule!


  • Saturday, May 21
    • Liz (Lily's mom) - drinks
    • Emily (Harper's mom) - snacks
  • Sunday, June 5
    • Ann (Mattie's mom) - snacks
    • Erin (Ellasyn's mom) - drinks
  • Saturday, June 11


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Practices & Scrimmages this week!
by posted 05/16/2022

Hi Backbay Girls 5/6 parents!

The girls did a great job in the heat this weekend and are getting better at passing and general awareness of Lax rules every game!  We've had a bit of a slow start due to lining up coaches and then coaches/teammates being out with Covid, but it looks like we now have 4 parent-volunteers who will help manage practices and games: Scott Knoll, Ryan Scipione, Eric Michaud and myself.

In addition to Monday/Wednesday practices from 5:30-7pm, we're hosting an informal scrimmage at the Reiche Playing Field from 3:30-5pm every Friday.  This is just for fun and a time for the girls to just play and get to know eachother a bit more.  It's not mandatory and anyone can come so please feel free to send friends and/or siblings along to play.  Scott & I will have extra equipment there for kids who want to try it out.

I'm working with the Portland High School Girls Lax team captains to get some high school players to a practice.  It looks like they can come next Monday 5/23 to do some drills with the girls.  I'm hoping this will be fun and inspiring for the girls and a team bonding experience.  

There are a few things we'd love your help with.  

  • It would be great if parents could take turns sending snacks/drinks for games.  Two families per week (one for each game) would be great.  Can you "REPLY ALL" to this email with a date you can commit to?
    • Saturday, May 21
    • Sunday, June 5
    • Saturday, June 11
  • No one wants to be goalie this year which means everyone is going to have to take a shift.  So far a few brave souls have volunteered!  Please encourage your kiddo to volunteer if they haven't already done so. 



Rachael Harkness 
(Lucy's mom) 



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